Event Reschedule and Event Cancellation Policy

These terms currently only apply for Online Events. Please check the Seminar Terms for One day and 2 day In Person Programs. 

Event Cancellation and Event Reschedule Policy

GRCTS reserves the right to reschedule the event or cancel an event due to low enrollment or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable. Should circumstances arise that result in the postponement of an event, GRCTS has the right to either issue a full refund or transfer registration of the event to a future date or offer a recording a previously completed recording of the similar event which is available in our stores. All registrants will be informed of the changes by email. The emails will be sent to the address used at the time of the registration.

If in case GRCTS is unable to complete the event on a scheduled date due to unforeseen circumstances. Then GRCTS will reschedule the event to a future date depending on the availability of the expert. If in case the registrant is not available to attend on the rescheduled or new date. GRCTS will offer the registrant a copy of the live recording of the same event which will have 24 hour view access for no additional charge. The link to the recording will only be shared with you on the date of your choice or preference depending upon your availability. Those who receive the recording can later email in your questions related to the subject to our support and the expert will respond to those questions by email. Attendees who receive the recording are also eligible to receive the certifications offered for that particular event. GRCTS will not extend the duration of access and the link to the recording will expire after 24 hours from the time the recording link was emailed to the customer. 

If in case GRCTS is unable to reschedule the event then GRCTS will choose to share a copy of the previously completed recording(If available) of the same event (Topic/ Subject) with the registrants instead of a refund. Refund will only be offered if the event is completely cancelled or if the previously completed recording is not available or if the recording is more than 10 months old. If such cases customer can either choose to collect full refund or use the amount as credit to attend another event or access the recording of another event for a day. 

If the event isn't cancelled and the customer insists on refund then GRCTS will deduct a 15 Percent Fee out of the total registration amount before initiating a refund. Please talk to our support for further clarifications.

Changing Events - You have an option to attend any other webinar topic if you are not interested or if you changed your mind about attending the webinar topic you registered yourself to. However, you must notify GRCTS by email with the name of the topic you are interested in attending. Please also note that if the topic you are interested in attending costs a little more. You will need to pay the difference amount. In a similar case, if the amount you have paid is more than the amount of the topic you are interested in attending. Then GRCTS will refund the excess amount. 

If you are unable to attend then you can also choose to - 


Send a substitute from your organisation to attend in your place. Please notify us of the new attendee’s name and contact details prior to the webinar start time so we can validate the attendee. If we are unable to validate the name of the attendee the connection might be disconnected. 



Transfer your registration to another webinar to be held within one year of your original webinar date. You will need to advise us of the new webinar date to enable us to confirm your registration.


The pricing varies from training to training. GRCTS work with our subject matter experts to decide the right price for each training program/ topic. However, the prices are subject to change and it is not fixed. Early bird prices start from $159 to $179. GRCTS has the complete right to either increase or decrease the price of a training at anytime before or after the completion of the events.

At times due to an update on the site or by an error. There might be an incorrect price listed in the options For example (If the original price for a topic is $179 but on the site the price shows up as $17.00 or $79.00 or $1799.00). The price for a particular option might show lesser or more than it's original price. During such cases if the customer has already made a purchase by selecting that particular option. GRCTS will inform the customer of the error and either adjust the payment as a credit or refund the excess amount and if the customer has paid less than the original price then the customer will be requested to pay the remaining to honor the registration or the amount will be refunded back to the customer and that particular registration will be cancelled until a full payment is made. 

However, GRCTS has always ensured and maintained it's pricing for each training less and affordable to all types of industries and all management levels. If such a situation does arise. We sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding and regret any inconvenience caused to you.