OFCCP Tips and Trends

  • Speaker:Cathleen Hampton
  • Duration:90Min
  • Product Code:GRC-90118

HRCI Credits: 2.00


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So much as changed and, because of the election, so much more is about to change. With the election of Donald Trump and transition to a Republican administration looming, employers are scrambling to predict what impact Trump will have on labor and employment policy and enforcement initiatives. What employers can expect in the first 12 months of a Trump Administration is unclear. However, something a Trump Administration is likely to tackle are contractor cries for quicker, more efficient and less onerous audits. Judging by the DOL’s enforcement philosophy, it will be interesting to see what, if anything, will change. 
As an industry, Damocles sword hangs over the many rules finalized by the OFCCP requiring contractors to provide workplace protections for which Executive Orders were the guiding principle.  The agency has been criticized recently for becoming too much of a discrimination enforcement agency, straying from its roots as an agency that monitors compliance with affirmative action obligations. Both Democrat and Republican administrations seek to advance the rights of women and diverse employees/applicants of federal contractors, for example. So, it is unlikely the agency’s principal focus will change. However, the agency may decrease its emphasis on pay equity issues and contractor discrimination action, returning its focus to affirmative action compliance. One thing is for sure though… adopting a holding pattern pending an outcome that may or may not happen is not the answer. 
In this 90-minute webinar we will discuss recent OFCCP enforcement trends and regulatory initiatives and review these against your current practices and procedures to ensure your company is audit ready. It will also cover the proactive steps that the federal contractor can take to prepare for the enforcement of current and future rules.

Why Should You Attend:
 In this webinar, we will review the recent OFCCP compliance and trends along with regulatory initiatives. Attendees will learn about OFCCP latest regulatory developments such as the Agency’s new enforcement methods for analyzing compensation and its Active Case Enforcement initiative. We will discuss new and proposed affirmative action regulations including those for individuals with disabilities introduced in 2011, the new wave of scheduling letters used during 2012, as well as other actions that highlight OFCCP audit enforcement as they work collaboratively and aggressively with the Solicitor’s Office.
This webinar is critical for employers who want to stay up-to-date with current OFCCP developments in order to avoid potential violations during an OFCCP audit.

Areas Covered in the Session:
•    Structural changes at DOL as the Agency prepares for the Trump Administration
•    How the cross-agency task force on compensation discrimination affects federal contractors
•    Outreach and what it means to be “in compliance”
•    The 2006 compensation standards no longer apply, so now what?
•    The new proposed affirmative action rules issued for individuals with disabilities (Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act)
•    A review of the new rules under VEVRAA
•    Employment discrimination means more than just the usual Title VII violations
•    Trends for selection procedures
•    Assessing the chances of being selected for audit in the near future
•    OFCCP scheduling letter changes and requirements
•    Responding to audit letters
•    Audit readiness, putting an OFCCP review of internal procedures on your year-end agenda

Learning objectives:
•    Understanding of the structural changes at the Department of Labor
•    Stepped up enforcement activities including changes to the threshold tests conducted during the agency's desk audit phase
•    The new wave of OFCCP scheduling letters and what you will need to have reviewed, updated, and in place for responding in a timely manner
•    How to be prepared through self-audits and implementation of best practices to increase your readiness

Who Will Benefit:
•    Corporate Stakeholders
•    Risk Management Professionals
•    Compliance Programs
•    HR Teams
•    Recruiting Teams

Instructor Profile:
Cathleen Hampton, is a well-known and respected Human resources professional with more than 25 years’ experience providing subject matter expertise and consulting services in the areas of risk and compliance, policy development, cultural practice and management training. Ms. Hampton is considered a trusted advisor providing expert guidance on the development of policy and practice for her client organizations. She is also a well-known speaker noted for presenting best-in-practice solutions focused on operational strategies that outpace major completion with results oriented solutions.
She is a nationally known presenter on topics such as HR and organizational compliance strategies, performance management, organizational and management development, and human capital.

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