Fair and Equitable Pay Programs

  • Speaker:Cathleen Hampton
  • Date: 26th June 2017 10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST
  • Duration:90Min
  • Product Code:GRC-90148

HRCI Credits: 1.50




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The compensation process would be much simpler if business owners had a standard guideline for determining employee compensation. Though fair compensation will naturally vary depending on the specific experience and education level of the candidate, a set of rules or step-by-step instructions could act as a baseline to ensure that a competitive salary range and benefits package are on the negotiating table. Of course, no such instructions exist. The onus is on the business owner to create competitive compensation packages that the company can afford to offer, and that will attract the top echelon of talent.
Pay management is said to be a mystery - at least, that's what many traditionalists who work in pay management would have you believe. Certainly we are entitled to some job protection. The unfortunate effect is that, given the current enforcement environment, far too many organizations are caught behind the eight ball and risk hefty government sanctions for not consciously building a system that holds up to scrutiny.
•    Are you faced with the task of designing and implementing a pay program in your organization but don't know where to begin?
•    Are you looking for a ready-do-go model you can adapt to the specific needs of your organization?
•    Do you want options to consider as you develop your program?
•    Would you like advice and guidance on the various approaches open to you?
•    Do you want steps to follow that will lead you through the project before you?
If you are nodding your head, you won't want to miss this informative webinar.

Key Learning Objectives:
•    The key difference between pay equity and equitable pay
•    Key information to consider when creating fair and general compensation packages.
•    Understanding the process of developing a sound program
•    How to integrate flexible options
•    Aligning the program to organizational strategy

Areas covered:
•    Why start a pay project now
•    Planning and organizing your pay project
•    Obtaining commitment to pay strategies
•    Developing a strategic policy with practical procedures
•    Defining job results and qualifications
•    Evaluating job contributions
•    Converting results, qualifications, and contributions into reliable job descriptions
•    Evaluating the price of jobs in the marketplace
•    Building the pay structure
•    Managing job contributions, transferring results, qualifications, and contributions into reliable performance management oversight
•    Maintaining your pay program

Target audience:
The knowledge and information shared in this session is of particular benefit to:
•    Compliance officers,
•    Auditors,
•    Senior management,
•    Human Resource professionals and others with a vested interest to ensure a cost-effective and equitable pay program.

Instructor Profile:
Cathleen Hampton of Hampton Resources, Inc, is a well-known and respected Human resources professional and trainer with more than 25 years’ experience providing subject matter expertise and consulting services in the areas of risk and compliance, policy development, cultural practice and management training. She regularly advises clients in federal contracting compliance tips, trends, and best practice management initiatives.

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