Managing Employee Leave: Crafting Sound Policies and Procedures -HRCI 1.5

  • Speaker:Janette Frisch
  • Duration:90Min
  • Product Code:GRC-90174

HRCI Credits: 1.5




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This webinar is a follow up to our webinar, “Understanding FMLA, ADA and Workers’ Comp Overlap” and “Dealing with Employee Leave Abuse. How do you figure out which laws apply, properly administer leave, and minimize leave abuse? Perhaps most importantly, how does an employer craft effective policies and procedures that staff can easily follow so your company stays ahead of the curve? Every employer, manager, executive, be they in life sciences, banking, pharmaceutical, medical device, manufacturing or any other industry is susceptible to leave interference claims by employees, state and federal agencies and also to employee leave abuse.

Why Should You Attend:
Employers regularly face challenges as to how to ensure high morale and productivity from their workers, which can be compromised by employee leave abuse. Solid, proactive employment practices can enable you to stay ahead of the curve and either side-step the challenge or meet it head on.  Employers looking to get a handle on ensuring proper use of employee leave – before the employee goes out on leave will want to make sure they attend this webinar. Mark the date and time on your calendar.

Areas Covered in the Session:
    In this webinar, we will concentrate on the following areas of concern among many others: 

  • •    Creating and retaining records to maximize employee leave policy effectiveness;
  • •    Using call-in, attendance and vacation/sick leave policies to augment employee leave policies;
  • •    Practices to include in your policies to minimize leave abuse before and during leave;
  • •    Monitoring and investigating leave;
  • •    Return to work issues;
  • •    Termination/Discipline
  • •    Best Practices --- and more!    
Who Will Benefit:
  • •    CEO’s, COO’s CFOs
  • •    Department Managers or Directors
  • •    Supervisors
  • •    Business Owners and Employers
  • •    HR Practitioners, 
  • •    Leave Administrators
  • •    Benefits Administrators
  • •    Payroll and accounting managers
  • •    Payroll processing professionals
  • Human Resources Directors, Managers and Specialists

Instructor Profile:
Janette is an attorney with more than 20 years legal experience. Janette is the founder of her own firm. Janette works with employers on most employment law issues, acting as the Employer's Legal Wellness Professional - to ensure that employers are in the best position possible to avoid litigation, audits, employee relations problems, and the attendant, often exorbitant costs. Janette authors the firm's weekly blog and has written articles on many different employment law issues for many publications, including EEO Insight, Staffing Industry Review, @Law, and Chief Legal Officer.

Janette has also spoken and trained on topics, such as Criminal Background Checks in the Hiring Process, Joint Employment, Severance Arrangements, Pre-Employment Screening among many, many others. Janette is licensed in New Jersey and New York. In addition, Janette serves as a Legal Wellness Professional to employers outside New Jersey and New York on almost all federal employment law issues, to enable employees to address workplace challenges before they escalate to litigation or costly audits. Janette is also a contributor to the recently released book, "Hiring Greatness: How to Recruit Your Dream Team and Crush the Competition", published by John Wiley and Sons, and authored by David E. Perry and Mark J. Haluska.

Janette serves as a Task Force Member of the Workplace Violence Prevention Institute, a multi-disciplinary task force dedicated to providing proactive, holistic solutions to employers serious about providing a safe workplace for their employees.

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