Privacy Policy

GRC Training Solutions,INC respects every individual's privacy. website is administered by Enthusiastic and the primary purpose of GRC Training Solutions,INC portal is to ensure secure online environment and support your e-learning and development on/through our website.  However, at times we require personal or general information of individual and company. This statement of the privacy explains personal or general data captured on our website or through other means by GRC Training Solutions and use of such information collected in those situations.

The privacy policy expresses our commitment and discloses our privacy practices involved. It also keeps you informed about the information collected and how it is used. This policy is applicable to all the personal or general information we handle in our website. 

Collection of Personal Data

Customer learning sites

GRC Training Solutions,INC with client companies and organizations (”Customers”) to provide training products, services and information to their employees, contractors and other designated individuals (“Users” or “Students”) on their behalf. Our privacy practices reflect that GRC Training Solutions personal information to operate effectively and to comply with all regulations.

In connection with its Customer Learning Sites, the personal information GRC Training Solutions,INC will be used only as described in this privacy statement and/or in the way we specify at the time of collection. We will not subsequently change the way your personal data is used without your consent.

GRC Training Solutions,INC needs to acquire limited personal information from either the Customer or Student in order for them to participate in training or a related program. This information may include but may not be limited to the following:

  1.    Customer Name
  2.    Company Name and Address
  3.    Email address
  4.    Phone Number and Extensions
  5.    Department/ Industry (For Ex: HR, Finance, MD, Pharma etc...)
  6.    Job title/ Designation
  7.    Student ID (Applicable only for students availing Student Discounts)

GRC Training Solutions strictly protects the security of your personal information and honors your choices for its intended use. We carefully protect your data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

Your personal information is never shared outside the company without your permission, except under conditions or as required by law. Inside the company, data is stored in password-controlled servers with limited access.

Customer information is treated as confidential information of the Customer and is collected on behalf of and shared with the Customer in accordance with their instructions. At the request of the Customer, GRC Training Solutions, INC may use this information to contact the Customer and send notifications regarding upcoming webinar programs, reminders and completion certificates.

GRC Training Solutions does not use customer’s information for marketing purposes. GRC Training Solutions uses customer information only for tools and software for further study and review of the webinar topics attended by the customers and the information is used only for the purpose for which it was originally collected.  In an effort to continually improve its offerings and customer service, GRC Training Solutions examines aggregate data, including (but not limited to) number of users, completed courses, length of time spent with courses, etc.

GRC Training Solutions may include Customer data when it compiles and uses this data. Unless GRC Training Solutions receives prior written approval from the Customer, however, GRC Training Solutions will not release any identifiable data to the Customer.

GRC Training Solutions visitors are not supposed to disclose any personal information on the public website We keep tabs on the visitor's activities in order to improve and enhance the performance of the website. If the visitor chooses to subscribe to a newsletter, view a web cast or review GRC Events, the personal information will be collected from the visitor for the survey and marketing purposes only at the time of the registration. The information may include name, title, company email, phone number and more. The visitor information will not be shared with, rented to or sold to any third parties.

Your Information

For any further questions and concerns about your personal information, please contact GRC Training Solutions support and include your name and user ID along with your concerns. You can also reach us after logging in to our website & by registering yourself as a user & raise a query or email us at Please note we are not authorized to change the customer proprietary information supplied to us without the authorization of the customer.


The privacy statement will be occasionally updated by GRC Training Solutions,INC and you will be notified by placing prominent notices on the website regarding the material changes to this statement. Customers are expected to read all the policies and guidelines before making a purchase on the site. 

Free Webinar Classes and Workshops:

GRCTS Member Pass

GRCTS Members get Free passes on regular basis for some of our classes. Those who receive the invitation are not required to pay or provide your credit card details. However, the invitation is exclusive and valid only for one attendee per pass. This is a member only privilege and we request you to not share the invitation with others who are not a GRCTS member. They can however, Click Here to sign up and become a GRCTS privileged member.

Free/ Complimentary Classes

GRCTS offers Free and Complimentary Webinar Classes and Workshops. We offer these training programs only to those who agree to GRCTS subscription Terms. All those who sign up agree to receive emails, newsletters and other industry specific training notifications. If you do not agree to receive our notification then please email However, we strictly offer free passes to any of our complimentary training classes only to those who subscribe to our emails. 

Acceptance of Privacy Policy Terms

GRC Training Solutions,INC has the right to alter the policy at any time and the changes to this policy will be posted at the earliest. When we alter the policy, the new policy will apply to personal information previously collected. We recommend you to review this policy on a periodic basis to view any changes. Use of GRC Training Solutions constitutes acceptance of this policy.


All of our promotional materials are provided with a link to Unsubscribe. However at times the link might be blocked by your company firewall. In such cases, please email to have your email address removed from our system. Once the request is sent. GRCTS is prompt to completely remove your information from our system. GRCTS strives and takes extreme measures to avoid sending unsolicited emails. We would like to sincerely apologize if you have received an email from us without consent and we appreciate your patience.