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Terms and Conditions. Please Read these terms carefully before using this site. This Website is operated by GRC Training Solutions, INC under the domain name “www.grcts.com” (“the Website”) hereinafter referred to as GRCTS.  Except for this paragraph, a reference to GRC Training Solutions,INC in this notice includes any related bodies corporate. By using the site or downloading materials from the site, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions as set out in this notice and in our Privacy Policy (together, “the Terms”), also accessible on the Website. You acknowledge that access to some parts of the Website may be provided subject to the acceptance of additional requirements or restrictions to those set out in the Terms. In the event of an inconsistency between these Terms and any additional requirements, the additional requirements will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

The Terms are subject to change at any time without notice and are effective as soon as posted to the Website. Your continued use of the Website constitutes acceptance of any modification to the Terms.

Use of content on the Website

Except where explicitly stated otherwise, the Website is provided for informational purposes only about GRCTS and it's services. You should always obtain specific advice before deciding on the suitability of services.

GRCTS reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to make any changes at any time and without notice to the Website or parts of it. Unless explicitly stated, no part of this Website forms part of the terms and conditions under which a particular product or service is provided and is not an offer to enter into a legally binding contract.

Accessing the Website

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, GRCTS grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to view and download a single copy of the content on the Website for your personal, non-commercial use. You agree not to interrupt or attempt to interrupt the operation of the site in any way.

You agree not to deal with any content on the Website or sourced from it except as explicitly permitted under the Terms, as may be reasonably required to give effect to the Terms, or under any additional licenses or agreements you may enter into with GRCTS from time to time.

GRCTS may, at any time and without notice or liability, suspend or discontinue access to the Website or any part of it and terminate any rights provided to access it. You agree to destroy any copy of content sourced from the Website in the event of such termination.

Terms of Use of GRCTS products and materials

The purchase of webinar attendance is for use by the purchaser only and registration information should not be forwarded on to third parties or internally within the company unless it's a group registration; doing so may hinder your own access, as webinar entry is by prior registration only. Similarly, the materials and replay/ recordings of webinars are for use by the purchaser only and should not be forwarded or shared with third parties nor use the content, recordings and materials for internal training purposes. This recording is for a single user access only. Responsibility for the confidentiality and security of webinar registration information and event materials issued by GRCTS lies with the registrant. If you believe that a third party has obtained details in an unauthorized manner, please promptly notify GRCTS support@grcts.com.

GRCTS Terms and Conditions immediately apply to you once the order has been placed or confirmed. In other words as soon the payment is processed the terms apply to that particular order. We request you to carefully read the topic descriptions and the areas that will be covered within the topic before registering. GRCTS will no offer a refund if the topic or training you attended didn't cover the specific areas you were looking for. The website lists out all the areas that will be covered during the session. If you are looking for anything additional. Please contact GRCTS support before completing the registration. 

The virtual event facility includes a feature that allows audio and any documents and other materials exchanged or viewed during the session to be recorded. By joining a session, you automatically consent to such recordings. If you do not consent to the recording, please contact GRCTS to discuss your concerns in good time prior to the web-event date.

Web-event participation may require you to configure your software settings on your web-device upon first use, or require you to download the software for your operating system. Software can be manually downloaded by visiting the WebEx Download Center. Please note that you may require administrator privileges on your computer to be able to manually install software. 

Live Meeting Access is for a single attendee only. Only the person whose name is in the registration at the time of payment, can attend the meeting. It is not to be shared or used in a conference room for multiple attendance. However, if you have more than one person interested in joining the meeting contact our support and register for a group attendance. GRCTS will provide you a customized link for multiple connections from 3 members up to a 100(No limit). Your group can access the meeting from any location globally. 

Please note that if multiple connections are detected using the single live attendee access link. All connections including the connection of the original registrant will be disconnected or an invoice will be created for additional participants which needs to be paid within 15 working days from the date of the invoice. In case of disconnection due to violation of terms. GRCTS will not offer a refund.

We request you to join the meeting using the same name you entered in the registration form or the substitute name. To have someone else attend in your place. Please email support@grcts.com with the full name and email address of the substitute participant. Please do not use the name of your company to join the meeting unless you have registered for group participation. 

Recording is valid for 6 months and it can viewed/ accessed unlimited number of times by 3 people from the same organization. The link to the recording is not to be shared internally within the company or with a third party. It is a violation of GRCTS terms to share the recording with a third party, to make a copy and or to sell or list it online for public or private access. The link to the recording is emailed to the customer within 24 - 48 hours after the completion of the Webinar. However, at times there might be delay. Once the link is emailed to the customer. The product is considered as used. If you have not received the recording within 24 hours after the webinar was completed. Then please contact support so we can make sure that you have access to the link. Please note that we do not give an extension for the recordings and no refunds in case you didn't receive the link and failed to inform GRCTS within 30 days from the date of purchase. 

CD/DVD and USB is shipped to you within 2 working days. However, GRCTS has no control over the number of days a courier company might take to deliver the package to a location. GRCTS will also email the customer a tracking number as soon it has been shipped or the customer can contact GRCTS for a tracking number. Though the CD is with the customer at all times. We request that it must be accessed only by 3 people from the same organization. It is a violation of GRCTS terms to share the CD with a third party, make a copy and also to use it internally within your organization by more than 3 people. All CDs are shipped to the customer within 2 working days after the completion of the Webinar. However, at times there might be delay. Please contact our support for the tracking number and other assistance. 

No part of the publications, recordings, presentation materials or any other information available online on this website www.grcts.com or within promotions and advertisements pertaining to GRC Training Solution products and experts available on 3rd party sites used for promotions or specifically shared with a customer or a visitor to the website may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permissions.


Invoices and Receipts are prepared for customers who are unable to pay online but instead prefer to pay by Check or Wire Transfer or PayPal. Though invoices are emailed or shipped to the customer and not processed on our portal. The customer must comply with all of GRCTS Terms and Conditions.

Please remember to talk to our support team to clarify any questions related to billing, refund, cancellation or anything else pertaining to the product before processing a payment.  

Orders for Invoices prepared for a Recording or CD will only be processed once the payment is confirmed. However, Invoices prepared for Live Meetings will be allowed 15 business days to clear the payment. During this period the customer is allowed to attend the live meeting and then make the payment later. This is only if the meeting is scheduled within the 15 day period from the time the invoice was prepared. 

Event Cancellation and Event Reschedule Policy

GRCTS reserves the right to reschedule the event or cancel an event due to low enrollment or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable. Should circumstances arise that result in the postponement of an event, GRCTS has the right to either issue a full refund or transfer registration of the event to a future date or offer a recording a previously completed recording of the similar event which is available in our stores. All registrants will be informed of the changes by email. The emails will be sent to the address used at the time of the registration.

If in case GRCTS is unable to complete the event on a scheduled date due to unforeseen circumstances. Then GRCTS will reschedule the event to a future date depending on the availability of the expert. If in case the registrant is not available to attend on the rescheduled or new date. GRCTS will offer the registrant a copy of the live recording of the same event which will have 24 hour view access for no additional charge. The link to the recording will only be shared with you on the date of your choice or preference depending upon your availability. Those who receive the recording can later email in your questions related to the subject to our support and the expert will respond to those questions by email. Attendees who receive the recording are also eligible to receive the certifications offered for that particular event. GRCTS will not extend the duration of access and the link to the recording will expire after 24 hours from the time the recording link was emailed to the customer. 

If in case GRCTS is unable to reschedule the event then GRCTS will choose to share a copy of the previously completed recording(If available) of the same event (Topic/ Subject) with the registrants instead of a refund. Refund will only be offered if the event is completely cancelled and the previously completed recording is unavailable. In such cases customers can either choose to collect full refund or use the amount as credit to attend another event or access the recording of another event for a day. 

If the event isn't cancelled and the customer insists on refund then GRCTS will deduct a 15 Percent Fee out of the total registration amount before initiating a refund. Please talk to our support for further clarifications.

Changing Events - You have an option to attend any other webinar topic if you are not interested or if you changed your mind about attending the webinar topic you registered yourself to. However, you must notify GRCTS by email with the name of the topic you are interested in attending. Please also note that if the topic you are interested in attending costs a little more. You will need to pay the difference amount. In a similar case, if the amount you have paid is more than the amount of the topic you are interested in attending. Then GRCTS will refund the excess amount. 

If you are unable to attend then you can also choose to - 


Send a substitute from your organisation to attend in your place. Please notify us of the new attendee’s name and contact details prior to the webinar start time so we can validate the attendee. If we are unable to validate the name of the attendee the connection might be disconnected. 



Transfer your registration to another webinar to be held within one year of your original webinar date. You will need to advise us of the new webinar date to enable us to confirm your registration.


The pricing varies from training to training. GRCTS work with our subject matter experts to decide the right price for each training program/ topic. However, the prices are subject to change and it is not fixed. Early bird prices start from $159 to $179. GRCTS has the complete right to either increase or decrease the price of a training at anytime before or after the completion of the events.

At times due to an update on the site or by an error. There might be an incorrect price listed in the options For example (If the original price for a topic is $179 but on the site the price shows up as $17.00 or $79.00 or $1799.00). The price for a particular option might show lesser or more than it's original price. During such cases if the customer has already made a purchase by selecting that particular option. GRCTS will inform the customer of the error and either adjust the payment as a credit or refund the excess amount and if the customer has paid less than the original price then the customer will be requested to pay the remaining to honor the registration or the amount will be refunded back to the customer and that particular registration will be cancelled. 

However, GRCTS has always ensured and maintained it's pricing for each training less and affordable to all types of industries and all management levels. If such a situation does arise. We sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding and regret any inconvenience caused to the customer. 

Free Webinar Classes and Workshops:

GRCTS Learners Club - Free Pass

GRCTS Members get Free passes on regular basis for some of our classes. Those who receive the invitation are not required to pay or provide your credit card details. However, the invitation is exclusive and valid only for one attendee per pass. This is a member only privilege and we request you to not share the invitation with others who are not a GRCTS member. They can however, Click Here to sign up and become a GRCTS privileged member.

Free/ Complimentary Classes

GRCTS offers Free and Complimentary Webinar Classes and Workshops. We offer such training classes only to those who agree to GRCTS subscription Terms and Privacy Policy. All those who sign up agree to receive emails, newsletters and other industry specific training notifications. If you do not agree to receive our notification then please email support@grcts.com. However, we strictly offer free passes to classes only to those who subscribe to our emails. 

The login instructions will be emailed to all the participants 48 hours prior to the webinar date. Please note that the presentation slides and any other materials shared during the presentation of a Complimentary Training is strictly confidential. GRCTS is at no liberty to share that information with the participants who are attending a complimentary class. However, the transcripts are available for purchase. 

All our Complimentary webinar classes are recorded Live and is available for purchase only. Please contact our support to find out how you purchase a full 6 month access to the recording of the training. 

Record Retention Policy:

    1. All training records and materials will be retained for a period of 5 years. The records include but not limited to- 
    2. Records of participation
    3. Dates and locations of program offerings
    4. Author/instructor, author/developer and reviewer names and credentials. For the CPA and tax attorney acting as an author/instructor, author/developer and reviewer for accounting, auditing or tax program(s), the state of licensure, license number and status
        of license should be maintained. For the enrolled agent acting in such capacity for tax program(s), information regarding the enrolled agent number should be maintained.
    6. Number of CPE credits earned by participants
    7. Results of program evaluations
    8. Program descriptive materials (course announcement information)


The content on the Website may contain inaccuracies or errors. GRCTS does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the content of the Website. You acknowledge that any reliance on any content on the Website is at your sole risk and GRCTS accepts no responsibility for any party’s use of or reliance on the content or any part. In no event shall GRCTS be liable to any party for any loss or damages incurred in connection with the use of the Website or any content on the Website. All content with regards to training topics listed on the website is created and presented by our subject matter experts who work as independent consultants with GRCTS. GRCTS is not responsible for any corrections or errors in the training content listed, promoted and presented on the site or elsewhere. Any clarifications or changes regarding the content please email GRCTS support so we can contact the subject matter experts to clarify or correct the same. GRCTS is a platform that only promotes and hosts the contents and it does not create any training contents on it's own. 


You agree to indemnify GRCTS from any claim for loss or damages suffered by GRCTS in connection with your use of the Website or your breach of the Terms.

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If any part of the Terms is found to be invalid or unenforceable, it shall be severed without affecting the remainder.

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